ⓐ Application submission
- All forms are available for download at the bottom of the Application page on our homepage.

ⓑ Required Documents
- Participation Documents  (Application Form, Sworn Statement and Consent From of Providing Personal Information, Summary, Instruction/Answer Sheet for the Designated Assignment - 1 copy )
- Size: A4 paper
- Font: 11 point for body text, Malgun Gothic

- Please submit as an updated file. (Only word file)

ⓒ Submission: Send the completed documents by e-mail (

● The registration fee and the submitted documents won't be returned back

● Please be punctual for submission     Deadline : 2021.08.31.

Application submission


Site: Korea International Youth Olympiad 4I
Organizer and Supervision: World Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association
President: Mi-Young Han
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